Ownership Has It's Privileges!

Picture yourself on an easy starboard tack in Pillsbury Sound, bound for Jost Van Dyke. The green hills and inviting beaches of St. John beckon. The trade winds are a constant 12 knots out of the east. The scent of frangipani blossoms is in the air. The sun is sparkling on the water and soaking into your shoulders, erasing the stress from your day-to-day grind. The bow wave kicks up a school of flying fish. You laugh. You’re looking forward to a quiet anchorage and the cockpit view of a million stars that are seemingly just out of reach. Now picture all of this on your own yacht. If this is appealing, CYOA’s Charter Yacht Ownership Program can help you make it happen.

Benefits of CYOA Yacht Ownership

• CYOA’s charter fleet is made up of beautiful, high-quality sail and power yachts from leading manufacturers—yachts that are built and equipped for the rigors of charter, personal comfort, ease of sailing and maintenance, and to preserve their value over time.

• Our yacht purchase prices are competitive and, along with our proven ownership program, provide excellent value for your money. 

• You pay no sales tax or import duty on yachts that are placed into our fleet. If, and when, your yacht is imported into the USA, tax and duty may be due at the yacht’s depreciated value. This is a significant financial savings. 

• You can try before buy! Charter a yacht to see what it’s like; if you buy a yacht within 6 months of your charter, we’ll credit the cost of your charter against the yacht’s purchase price. 

• Our program is flexible – you may select a charter term commitment of one to five years. 

• Payments to owners are guaranteed. 

• CYOA covers 100% of expenses, including insurance. 

• Your yacht will be berthed in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands with easy access to the British and Spanish Virgin Islands, and large-jet access from the U.S. 

• There are no fees for using your yacht up to 30 days a year. 

• Your yacht may provide you with tax benefits, including a sales tax exemption on the purchase price. Our yachts qualify for Section 179 write-offs as well. In some cases you can write off 100% of the cost of your yacht in the very first year. 

• Our professional, on-site service staff will manage the commissioning of your yacht, handle any warranty needs, and ensure that your yacht is maintained to the highest standards while she is in our fleet. Your time aboard will be dedicated to sailing, relaxing, and … work – on your tan, the perfect “Painkiller,” or perfecting that 10 second tack.

Experience Generates Success

CYOA has been successfully chartering yachts for over 30 years. Our experienced staff will promote your yacht at boat shows, through consistent print advertising in a variety of sail and cruising publications, on our web site, and through international charter brokers. If your goal is to maximize the charter time and income of your yacht, our expertise can help you succeed.

Come and Sail

This is your yacht. You should feel free to sail whenever you wish, and to take your time exploring the many beautiful anchorages and the exciting sailing available throughout the U. S., British, and Spanish Virgin Islands. While your charter income will increase if your yacht is consistently booked during high season, the final decision on when you sail is up to you.

Let Us Handle The Maintenance

We’ve been doing this very, very well for over 30 years. Our experienced service staff handles routine maintenance on a regular schedule, and conducts pre- and post-charter inspections of your yacht, including an underwater dive inspection, to ensure your yacht is always in excellent condition.

On Your Terms

CYOA’s charter yacht ownership contract is simple and flexible, allowing you to commit to a fleet term from one year up to a maximum of five years. If your life circumstances change and you want to take early retirement to enjoy extended cruising, just let us know and we can plan ahead to cycle your yacht out of our fleet. If you choose to sell your yacht, we can help you to sell it for continued placement in our fleet or for private use, or refer you to affiliated yacht brokers who will list and help to sell your yacht.

As Clear As The Caribbean

When we talk to future owners about purchasing a yacht for charter placement, we clearly and realistically outline what can be expected from a financial and a management perspective. It is important for each owner to be comfortable with this investment as it is not for everyone. We recommend that you ask your tax advisor to review the potential tax benefits of this program as they relate to your situation.

Home Sweet Yacht

Some of our yacht owners had not handled a larger vessel until purchasing one of their own, so we offer a complimentary introduction to your yacht—both at the dock and on the water. If you’re new to sailing a larger yacht, or to sailing a catamaran, our U.S. Coast Guard licensed skippers can teach you how to sail and how to manage the systems on your new yacht so that you are confident in your ability and completely at home.

Start Living The Dream

You know you have questions—Can I afford this? What if I want special equipment? What should I ask my tax advisor? How does this really work? What about …? Pick up your pen and a piece of paper and jot down your questions. Then pick up the phone and call John at 800.944.2962; or you can email him. Ask him to walk you through the program. Ask him all of your questions. If he gives you the right answers, you may find yourself on that starboard tack to Jost Van Dyke aboard your own special yacht.