September 21, 2017

Hello to all of our friends, charter guests and boat owners and extended family.

Hurricanes Maria has passed us and now the hard work begins again. The post Irma cleanup has to be repeated now in Maria’s wake. I do not have any new news yet on the fleet and how it fared during Maria – as soon as more is known I will let everyone know. The marina buildings and docks have survived two Category 5 hurricanes and for that we are very thankful.

We are also humbled by the outpouring of positive comments and offers of help for the company and for our staff that have poured in from all over the country from family, charter guests and industry friends. Our staff, many of which you know and count as friends, including Captain Jay, Nancy, Marsha, Yolanda, Weekes, Chip, Kyle, George, Davis, Brad, and Carmen are all safe and anxious to return to work but have many personal needs.

We are in the process of contacting, phone, every charterer that has a reservation. Communications are very poor and we ask for your patience and thank you in advance for that. For now I cannot say definitively when we will re-open but we have a target date of late November to begin operations.

Since 1980, CYOA has been a positive force in the bareboat industry in the VI. We have suffered and recovered from several serious and damaging hurricanes – Hugo, Marilyn and George all caused large fleet damage. Now, as after those storms, and because of our dedicated staff and charter guests we will return better and stronger than before. The path back will be slow and we know there will be setbacks, nevertheless, it will be a steady path to progress. This you have my promise on.

John and Jo Anne Jacob,