Step 1

Pick your yacht. You can view the whole fleet here or you can use our Boat Search Engine to help find the perfect yacht for your group. If you need any assistance our reservations team will be happy to help you find something that fits your needs! 

Step 2

Check availability. Be sure that your selected yacht has open availability for your intended charter dates. Please keep in mind that our base closes at noon on Sundays and only charters that arrive late on Saturday will be started. Sunday sleepaboards are allowed which will give you a head start Monday morning! Learn more about sleepaboards here.

Step 3

Contact our reservations team to place a complimentary hold on your intended yacht and dates. This will allow you time to submit paperwork, sign contracts, pay deposits, and make travel arrangements.  They can be contacted at or +1 800 944 2962

Reservation Completed!

Congratulations! Your yacht is reserved. Continue down this list to learn what needs to be done before you arrive.

60 - 45 Days Before Your Charter

30 Days Before Your Charter