Things we look for on your sailing resume:

  •  Your recent boating experience (last 5 years)
  • The size and types of boats you have sailed on in the past. Were they of similar size, give or take a few feet, to the size of the boat you wish to charter? 
  • Do you own or have you owned a boat in the recent past? This is important because most people who have owned boats have an understanding about systems and the inner workings of a boat, which is essential to happy cruising. 
  • Have you done some cruising? Have you planned a trip from A to B requiring navigation skills, decision making, anchoring, mooring or docking under sail and power? 
  • Have you sailed on the ocean or other large bodies of water such as Long Island Sound, Chesapeake Bay, San Francisco Bay, the Great Lakes and so forth? 
  • Who are the crew that will be aboard with you? Are they knowledgeable people that will be actively participating in sailing the vessel? Can you count on them to help you or will they be inactive guests? If you are on a large cat you will need at least one (maybe two) good crew members to assist you. 
  • Have you had any professional or formal training? Have you cruised in the area before? 
  • A Bareboat Certificate is not necessary to charter a bareboat. While a Bareboat Certification course is valuable training, this document alone may not qualify you to charter. Your overall practical experience is what counts.

Feel Unqualified?

CYOA can provide you with a Sailing Guide for part, or all of your charter. Upon request, a Sailing Guide can provide casual instruction or even ASA Certified instruction. Learn more about adding a Sailing Guide to your charter here!